Oslo Nature – Blooms Near & Far

Here are a selection of flowers found in in the garden, at home and around Oslo. Most are macro shots but a few are of a happy gathering of blooms. And, of course, as is wont to do in the garden, a dandelion pops up.

Looking at the fancy ends of the labellum of this orchid growing in my living room

Close up on a dandelion I picked on a walk

Side view of a red tulip in the garden

A bloom on a blueberry bush in the garden that always produces lots of tasty berries

A sparkly stigma inside one of the red tulips in the garden – with colors that remind me of the Norwegian flag

A cheerful bed of tulips in one of the Slottsparken gardens

A dandelion image that I solarized in post-processing

A close look at a wild strawberry flower in the garden

Looking into the full bloom of one of the red tulips in the garden

A trio of sunflowers, yet unopened, in a flower garden at Vigelandsparken

Looking down into someone else’s tulip in central Oslo

A spray of orchids from a plant in the house

A look, from further back, at the dandelion I picked

A different tulip in the garden, seen from the backside

A poppy I came upon in someone’s garden in Oslo

The internal structures from an orchid bloom that had dropped off one of my plants

A red tulip found in central Oslo, kept in-color in post while removing the color in the background foliage

A trio of wild strawberry flowers, one in bloom, the others in bud

More post-processing play with that same old dandelion

Another flower garden in the Slottsparken had a variety of bulbs in a riot of color

Another close look at the colors inside a tulip in the garden that makes me think of an abstract watercolor

A cluster of soft and delicate blueberry blossoms in the garden

A view from the backside of one of the red tulips in the garden

A closer look at the pappus details in the dandelion seedhead

A side view of one of the orchid flowers in the house

5 thoughts on “Oslo Nature – Blooms Near & Far

  1. What an incredible collection of macro shots. The colors are really striking and the compositions are compelling. You did a marvelous job with selective focus to draw the viewers eyes to certain areas of the flowers. I really like the way that you have featured both exotic species, like the orchids, and ordinary plants like the dandelions.

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