Nature Around Me – Birdlife

Here is an image collection of birds seen ‘round and about over the last year.

Juvenile greylag geese are escorted across a walking path, down to the beach at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

A young magpie, being watched by its parents, stands in a bit of water and takes a drink in our yard in Oslo

A female eider duck and her three ducklings swim away on the Oslo fjord on a windy spring day

A duo of mute swans in synchrony on the fjord near Oslo’s water-fronting Bjørvika neighborhood

A puffed up European robin on a fence post near a cafe at Hvernbukta strand in Oslo on a cold, winter day

A seagull on her nest, which happened to be atop the chimney of the outdoor pizza oven of a hytte we had rented outside of Bergen

A mating pair of great crested grebes on the water near Djurgården in Stockholm

Our Muscovy duck, Braggadocious, preening

A young gull considers a slice of tomato on the cobbles of central Oslo

An oystercatcher watches its young deal with a mussel on the seaweed-covered rocks at low tide at the hytte outside Bergen

A peep-peeping baby sandpiper was very well-camouflaged in the forested coast near Tvedestrand….

….and mama sandpiper was not happy with our presence so we quickly continued on our way

A northern gannet bobbed in the wake of a nearby boat near Tvedestrand

A wagtail visited the end of a pier at a beach in Oslo

I happened to spot this grey heron fishing at midnight, in the twilight, across the water from a rented hytte outside Tvedestrand

A cygnet paddles around a wooden pier, dawdling away from its family, outside Tvedestrand

A close look at the bristles on the face of a white-naked crane at the conservation zoo Nordens Ark in Sweden

A pair of gulls look at the water of the fjord on a cold, winter day at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

Our muscovy duck grabs some oil from her preen gland

A duo of great grey owls seen at Nordens Ark in Sweden

That red spot always makes me think of poorly-applied lipstick but is apparently a sign of fitness in gulls

A pair of starlings check out a nesting box in Tøyen park in Oslo

A pair of brown-hooded gulls on the rocks at Hvervenbukta

A swan family in the water near Tvedestrand

Another look at the baby magpie in our yard

A raft of ducks near the shore front a flock of seagulls in the water at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo on an overcast day

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