Nature in Norway – Trees

After collecting pics of trees for over a year, it is now the time to post them. Most images were captured in Oslo, the other few were trees growing in other locations in Norway.

This very green tree was stretching its green limbs somewhere in Oslo

This colorful duo was found in Torshovdalen in Oslo

An urban tree greens up the apartment houses on this street in Oslo

Snow coated pine at Hvervenbukta in Oslo

White blossoms at Katten strand in our neighborhood in the Oslo suburbs

I have posted a pic of this bare tree before, but this particular image was taken on a very foggy day at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

A very large tree dwarfs the neighboring two-story hotel in Solvorn, Norway

Springtime blossoms in pink along Dronning Eufemias gate in the heart of central Oslo

A close look at a large, gnarled tree on the island of Jomfruland

A tall pine with a dusting of snow in the Ljan suburb of Oslo

Tree boughs in the Vika area of Oslo

Big pink blooms in the Frogner neighborhood of Oslo

A pine in a field at Søndre Aas Gård (farm) in suburban Oslo

Bare branches on a puffy-clouded day in Oslo

A cascade of white blossoms above a white picket fence in the Kampen neighborhood of Oslo

Snowy tree fronting a foggy fjord at Hvervenbukta

A large, bare tree in next to Vålerenga church in Oslo

A striking trio of burgundy-leafed trees in the park at Haarklous plass in Oslo

Trees along a road frame a lovely tree in the middle of a field on the island of Jeløya in Moss, Norway

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