Scandinavian Sights – Urban and Industrial

Here is a collection of images from Oslo and Stockholm that, to me, conveys a sense of the urban or industrial.

A bit of nature grows on the bricks of the new National Museum in Oslo (which opened on the 11th of June of this year)

A snowy view of some of the tracks leading away from Oslo’s central train station, with motorway air duct towers in the distance

Power lines give the magpies a staging area to launch their attack on a neighborhood cat crouching up the wooden pole

This red door, with blue design, captured my attention when walking in Stockholm

A set of scaffolding compresses the lovely blooms of a tree outside an apartment block in central Oslo

A lone bit of tagging brightens up this view of the industrial-styled Munch museum on a cold and grey day in Oslo

Snow dusts a quiet (abandoned?) construction site in central Oslo

A line of cars descends Nordenga bru on the north side of Oslo’s central train station

Dangling monkeys and a white bust are seen through a window in a neighborhood in central Oslo

Shows of knobby, trimmed trees hit the grey portion of a two-toned apartment house in central Oslo

The ubiquitous E-kickcycle: red matches red in central Oslo

Green and green in Oslo

A kitty cat hides behind a E-kickcycle in central Oslo

The south end of the waterfront neighborhood of Sørenga in Oslo

Colorful walls surround a back “alley” in central Oslo

A different angled view of Nordenga bru crossing over the tracks leading into Oslo’s central train station

One bloom peers over the edge of a pot of flowers along the walking street in the Vika area of central Oslo

A rescue chopper heads over the Oslo concert house

Balconies, balconies, balconies (with some bamboo for privacy) decorate the outside of a yellow-bricked apartment house in central Oslo

Another red door (with coordinated panel) stands out in Stockholm

Pigeons hang out by a special “art installation” feeder in which their feeding results in the ringing of the bells in central Oslo

A dash of irony: police tape is entangled in the razor-topped fence around the Oslo prison

Geometric shapes in bricks and an address plate

8 thoughts on “Scandinavian Sights – Urban and Industrial

  1. What a wonderful collection of urban images. Many of them capture well the grayness of city life, with massive buildings, roads, razor-wire topped fences, and train tracks, but you have also managed to find pops of color to highlight. Some of that color I really like, such as the E-kickcycles in various color combinations, while others saddened me a little, like the ugly graffiti in so many place. I love your sense of whimsy, shown in your shot of the flower pot with the single flower peering out over the edge and the shot of the dangling monkeys with the white bust. There are so many of your images here that I really liked,

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for breaking down how you viewed the images. It is definitely grey here for much of the year — and that can be felt for sure in the midst of the city (whereas the green areas here, which are plenty, are often covered in snow, making it much brighter and lighter — both literally and figuratively). It is interesting you note the tagging — when I moved here (almost 20 years ago now), the predvelalance of graffiti, especially in the suburbs where I live, actually shocked and disappointed me. Mostly because most of the tagging tends to be in no way artistic. I like a good mural, be it commissioned or not. Sadly, I think I have gotten used to it as it doesn’t seem to bug me as it once did so I thank you for noting it and reminding me that the tagging is an element of Oslo that doesn’t really fit with the Nordic ideal.

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    1. Hee hee. Indeed. And from what I remember, it wasn’t like there was much of a “view” to be had through those glass walls. I think the “benefits” of the glass, at least from a Nordic point of view, is probably to allow the coveted (again, by Nordic standards 😉) sunlight. What I thought was strange was that the bamboo is only on one of the three sides — ??


      1. Boy, I can’t be sure. Oftentimes when I snap a pic of some building or other element in the city, I will then take a pic of the street sign so I can go back and “remember” where I had been. I don’t think I did so in this case so it will remain a mystery. 😊


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