Summer Travels – Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

In July, we spent a week in the Vanylven area along the west coast of Norway, which lies between Ålesund and Bergen. On our drive there, when we got to the mountains separating east and west, we decided to forgo the modern highway and drive the National Tourist Route over the high mountains on the unpaved old road dubbed Gamle Strynefjellsvegen. We had traveled the old road once before and it was just as lovely this time around. Here are some images from our roadtrip from Hjelle to Grotli where we continued west on the paved road through the town of Stryn.

Even with climate change, there is still snow to be found, and the road doesn’t even open for traffic until June

Snow was still covering the blue waters of the snow and glacier melt

My daughter running around on the snow (in her summer outfit)

There were some small cairns along parts of the road

Another small cairn in the distance, a snowy valley its view

The lovely blue water is somewhat revealed under the melting snow

Looking down the snow-mottled valley towards a distant mountain peak

The road is unpaved and quite narrow (and there were fewer potholes this time around)

Further into the valley, the snowdrifts plowed over winter were still in evidence

The layered snow plowed over winter was quite high still in some areas

We got out to hike around a bit last time at this cute cabin situated between the road and a river and did this time as well. Tradition!

Behind the cabin we again found this cute outhouse (if an outhouse can be considered cute)

Snow textured from melt and water textured from the wind

Running water and a view of the lifts at the Stryn Summer Ski Center (yes there were people skiing down the slope)

Another hytte stands overlooking the road

After attempting to slide down a snow hill (not pictured), half of the fam had to pose with the high snow

On the Stryn end of Gamle Strynefjellsvegen there is a breathtaking view down towards Hjelle, where the old road meets up with the highway again, and the mountains surrounding Stryn in the distance

Looking back towards the valley we drove through, one can see the end of a waterfall that then runs under the road

The last bit of Gamle Strynefjellsvegen and that view

After hitting the highway again, we paused along this still water of innvikfjorden to look back

2 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

  1. Thanks for sharing the spectacular views of the ruggedly beautiful terrain. It seems a little strange to see so much snow as we continue to experience the heat of the summer. The road seems really narrow and I am sure that you had to travel slowly, which probably allowed you to enjoy the scenery more easily. For what it’s worth, I too think that the outhouse is cute. 🙂

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