Summer Travels – Seljesanden

We spent a week in the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway (situated between Bergen and Ålesund). During our time in the area, we visited 5 different beaches. The first beach we explored was the white, sandy beach Seljesanden in a little village called Selje. We walked along the beach and then hiked up 135 moh, on a trail alternating between steep wooden steps and forested paths, to a dagsturhytte for a view over the harbor.

Hitting the beach also meant having a lovely view of the old, white Selje church and the mountainous terrain beyond

Looking over some large rocks past the water and into the cloud-fronted mountains

A diving platform, not in use on this Sunday in July, likely due to the rainy and cool weather we had that day (and throughout the entire stay in this part of the country)

A closer look at the boat sheds on the far side of the beach

Walking back along the beach

The steep path-and-stairs led up, up, up over the village

We were rewarded by views over the beach and harbor

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