Summer Travels – Refviksanden

The second beach we visited while staying in the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway this past summer was Refviksanden, located in Vågsøy. A white, sandy beach situated between two high, green mountains, it is one of the more beautiful beaches in Norway (imo). Of course, the weather was a chilly 9C with fog, wind and rain, so it was not what you might think of as “beach weather” in July, but at least one family member somehow waded into the water. The weather also kept the crowds away and we were pretty much alone during our exploration.

Here was our first view of the beach, seen from the road circling from the north

We hiked over very green grass to get down to the beach

There was fog swirling about and misty rain

The north area of the beach is separated from the rest by large, black rock

One of our party runs down the beach

The furrier member of our party also ran along the beach

Someone’s charming sandcastle remained next to an inlet feeding the sea

Not exactly a swim but major wading was had

A look out to the horizon

Waves and foam

This was the view from the road we took that wound up the mountain on the south end of the beach, with the beach on the left and a lake on the right

2 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Refviksanden

  1. A beach and a lake? Marvellous photo and that luminescent green I remember that says Norway!
    I wonder why there are not more Sandy beaches on the west coast- is it because of the glacial rock carving fjords?

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    1. Thanks! I was actually surprised at how many sandy beaches there are where we were (although the most famous and photographed beaches of this type are up in Lofoten). I believe it is in the areas where glacial activity and river erosion carved areas that now appear to us as really flat valleys between the steep mountains. When those areas are by the coast I think that’s where the silt of the valley creates the sandy beach at the coast. It’s definitely an interesting view, when one is at the right area for a good perspective, to see the flat valley meeting the sea at these beaches. This post shows the second of 5 beaches we visited in this area over our week-long stay and all were sandy, to varying extents. It was a pleasure to discover them (even if the weather the entire time was cold, windy and with varying degrees of rain). Thanks for your comment!


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