Summer Travels – Erviksanden

The third beach we visited near the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway this past summer was Erviksanden, which is located on a long peninsula called Stadlandet. While Erviksanden is another sandy beach, the sand is a darker color and there are areas with many large, smooth rocks mixed into the sand. The weather on the day of our visit was even more rainy, cold and windy than it was when we visited Refviksanden, and we didn’t spend much time exploring. This beach actually has some “waves”, by Norwegian beach standards, but there weren’t any surfers out during our time on the beach braving the weather (or the undertow).

The sandy beach is another that is flanked by tall mountains

There were rolling waves that churned froth up on the brown sand

The north end of the beach has mostly smooth, brown sand

It was windy and wet and difficult to enjoy our meander on the beach, but when the weather is that bad it is hard not to laugh

A closer look at the coffee-brown sand and foam

Halfway down the beach, the sand becomes interrupted by smooth black and white stones

Eventually there are more rocks, ever larger, than sand (a very wet trio pose amongst the rocks)

A look at a small waterfall running down the mountain as we make our way back up the beach to take refuge in the car

5 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Erviksanden

    1. When we stayed last fall near Sogndal, we drove quite a bit around that area and visited Balestrand so we must have driven through your fav spot then. It’s so funny to me that you note that these beaches aren’t too far away from Leikanger because, due to the mountains, crazy coastline and lack of good highways, something relatively close as the bird flies can be quite a long journey by car here in Norway, particularly in the mountains or on the west coast. 😉😊 But I get your meaning. It is in the same county, Sogn og Fjordane. I hope you get the chance to head back — and maybe check out one or more of the beaches in the (relative 😉) vicinity. Norway would love to have you. 🤩


      1. Haha. Yes you are right. I forget about the time it takes to traverse all the Norwegians mountains. It is quite the opposite in most of my country. (Australia)
        You most likely did pass by Leikanger and Balestrand is an amazing spot. Thanks for jogging some of my fondest memories.

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