Summer Travels – Grotlesanden

The fourth beach we visited this past summer near the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway was Grotlesanden, located on one of the group of islands of Bremanger. Finally, the weather cooperated, somewhat: it wasn’t really raining for most of our visit but was windy and cloudy enough that we had the beach to ourselves, again, for most of the time we were there.

This beach was nestled somewhat near mountainous areas but also had many rocky outcrops that made the terrain interesting to my eye

There was one rorbu (fishing hut) sitting alone amongst the rocks

There were areas of sand between rocky outcrops

The sand was a mixture of dark and light and abuts, here, some interesting geological specimens with exposed sea grass at low tide

Another view of the rorbu nestled in the rocks

Some grass and flowering plants were growing with lichen on the rocks

A load of seaweed growing on another rock

Having fun with seaweed (sending it back into the sea)

A view of that same rorbu, this time over the sand

There were areas where the sand was a pretty mixture of colors, with patterns made by water running over the sand out to sea

Here is the edge of one of the runoffs heading into the sea

A baby flounder was found in the sand of a very shallow rivulet

The flounder was taken closer to the sea water and released

The water finding the sea created interesting, miniature erosion patterns

A last look at the rorbu from down the beach, with a waterfall as its neighbor

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