Summer Travels – Hoddevik Strand

The fifth and final beach we visited this past summer when we stayed in the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway, was a surfing beach in Hoddevik. This is the second beach we visited on the Stadlandet peninsula and was located on the western side. As with pretty much all our beach visits on this trip, the weather was not at all summer-like: it was probably the coldest and wettest of our experiences. Nonetheless, there were a number of surfers and surfing students out on the waves while we were there.

The road down to the beach consisted of some iconic Norwegian hairpins

Approaching over some rocks to the north of the beach, we already saw some surfers out waiting to catch a wave

Here comes a small wave and somebody caught it

To get to the sandy beach, we had to cross over the last dregs of a “river” cutting through the sand (the water was COLD)

I got caught up in the surf a bit so decided to take a pic from the perspective of the water

Walking the dog along the water

Running in rain and cold along the water

At the far edge of the sandy beach, large rocks began to accumulate

A cairn atop one of the large rocks

Big rocks in the sand and a little splash in the distance

Fog, rain and waves as we depart

6 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Hoddevik Strand

  1. I continue to find it surprising to reconcile my image of Norway with a sandy beach without rocks or fjord like scenery. Neverthless, these images show another side of Norway. I enjoyed seeing these – all of these posts in this seris have been fantastic and illuminating.

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    1. I’m glad you appreciate the “finds” of the sandy beaches as much as we did on our trip. I’ve been to some long, sandy beaches down on the south coast, near Farsund where it’s fairly flat, but finding these gorgeous, sandy beaches between the mountains on the west coast was a welcome surprise. Gotta love Norway for all of its varying natural beauty! In any case, I’m glad you enjoyed the posts and thank you for your comments.

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