Summer Travels – Vestkapp

We decided to check out the Vestkapp (West Cape) on the tip of the Stadlandet peninsula, when we stayed in the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway back in July. The West Cape is known to have spectacular views, being 496 meters above sea level, and on a clear day one can see to the Sunnmørsalpane, Hornelen, Ålfotbreen as well as over the sea. The cape is also known for its unpredictable and severe weather and when we arrived we saw nothing. Really! Nothing! We were surrounded by thick, white fog. We knew from our sat-nav that we had arrived but waited in the car for more than 30 mins before the strong winds started blowing the fog away. We got out and explored. Brrr! It was cold! But the views, such as they were with clouds still present, were very nice!

Driving up the mountain to the West Cape, the fog appeared, almost obscuring the ubiquitous sheep on the roads

After running from the parking lot and braving the string winds, we got a view of the sea

There were rocks, sheep, and a weather radar (looking like a football on top)

The clouds were dynamic, moving by quite quickly, and I saw this cool cloud-among-the-clouds for a few seconds and snapped it

You can see the wall of fog that had covered us, now moving inland

A fluffy cloud-blanket still covers the tops of some of the mountains nearby

But we could see detail of the coastline nearby to the north of us

When I got close to the weather radar, this mother sheep and her youngling came and posed so nicely

There appeared to be some ruins near the edge of the plateau

At one point the moving clouds blocked the sun except for this bright splash out in the ocean

Here is a bit of the tiny road we came up to the cape on with views of the coastline towards the south

I love me a rusty bit of metal so this large rock with an unused chain made its way into my last photo

3 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Vestkapp

  1. I love these shots–the clouds and the fog really add interest to so many of the images. I especially like the shot that showed the wall of fog. That weather radar really does look like a football ball and I really like your image that shows it with the two sheep keeping watch over it. The images of the coastline are stunning and the green of the trees and vegetation really pops, creating a nice complement to the beautiful blue of the water.

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