Summer Travels – Panoramas & Views Around Vanylven

Here are a collection of panoramas and views from the week we spent in the Vanylven area, on the west coast of Norway, back in July.

A panorama of a number of shots stitched together, taken from the road on the south of the Refviksanden beach we visited on Måløya

We stopped by the well-known rock formation, Kannesteinen, also on Måløya, on a cold, rainy, windy day

On the drive to the weathered rock, we saw a rainstorm heading our way

A large rock near the Kråkenes lighthouse

One of the evening views from the hytte we rented

On the way to the west cape on Stadlandet, we saw the fog as a cloud above us before we ended up driving higher and higher and up into it

After visiting Selje, we drove over the mountain pass to where we were staying and stopped to enjoy the view

Another look at that rock (with a number of seabirds perched atop) near one of the lighthouses on Måløya

Looking down on a smattering of tiny islands across the fjord from where we were staying

A steep mountain juts out of the water on Bremangerlandet, with clouds above and a trickling waterfall

Finally, a number of shots were stitched together to make a pano of Refviksanden as seen arriving from the north

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