Summer Travels – Views from the Hytte

The weather, during the time we spent in the Vanylven area on the west coast of Norway in July, was cloudy and rainy for almost the entire week. While we were unable to really enjoy using the large deck that fronted the fjord in the cold and wet weather, the ever-present clouds afforded us many spectacular sunsets and views as midnight approached each evening.

Beams from the sun peek out one cloudy night as we looked to the northwest

A long exposure blurred the moving clouds over the rounded hills to the southwest

Pretty pink-and-purple clouds around midnight one evening

Wow, some blue sky actually peeked out one evening as the sun set….

….with another look at the sun – as a starburst this time – a few moments later during a long exposure that smoothed the water and blurred the clouds

Blues were all around one evening, with orange accents from a boat and buoy

Purples and blues, with that same orange buoy and view, during this long exposure another evening

Another long exposure of the view to the southwest

We were lucky to be treated to a second evening of “light beaming down” and it was the best spectacle of the week

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