Summer Travels – A Ferry to Værlandet

During the week we stayed in the Lammetu area this past July, on the west coast of Norway, we took a ferry over to Værlandet which connects via roadways to a chain of small islands together called Bulandet. Here are some images from the ferry ride and our few hours on the islands.

On our ferry ride there, we could look back towards the mainland and see where we were staying as the 9 wind turbines made it easy to get our bearings

We also caught a closer look at the striped geology on the island of Atløy from the ferry

Heading close to Værlandet now with its strange little hills making these barrier islands less flat than many along the west coast

We walked a bit on Hillersøyna – a part of Bulandet – and tried not to bother a group of male sheep (who were interested in our dog, here held out of reach)

We found a duo of statues that represent two women (although to me they appear quite masculine from the rear) who saved a small group of shipwrecked sailors back in 1885

A look at some of the smaller islets in Bulandet

Someone’s house with an nice view of land and sea

A few more colorful houses scattered amongst the islands

A wooden boat docked by someone’s house

Leaving on the ferry again, we saw many porpoises in the water. Sadly, I only had a 50mm lens and in this image they only look like black spots in the water.

A last look from the ferry at some fun little cloud formations in front of the rest of the cloudy sky

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