Summer Travels – A Vibrant Sunset

One of the summer evenings, while we stayed on the island of Lammetu on west coast of Norway, I looked out the window just after 10pm and saw a fire in the sky. The clouds were lit up with a really intense orangey-yellow light. My better half and I went out to see what was what, to get up over the land that blocked our view to the sea in the northwest where the sun was setting, and we were glad we did. It was a magnificent sunset that just went on and on. Images never do a sunset justice, in my experience, but images were had and here some of them are.

This was the sky that I noticed from the hytte – intense, fiery orange backlighting the scrubby shrubs

We headed out (here standing on top of an old WWII battlement, of which there are many on this part of the island) to get a better look at the sunset

We got high enough to see the ball of fire heading towards the horizon

And watched the sun slip below the edge

After the sun disappeared, we had quite a light show for a time

And the sky turned less orange and more pink and purple as the light began to dim

5 thoughts on “Summer Travels – A Vibrant Sunset

  1. What an amazing sunset! The skies truly look like they were on fire. I like the way that you managed to vary your perspective to add interest in the foreground. I think that my favorite image is the one with the ball of fire hanging over the horizon. Wow!

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