Summer Travels – The Isle of Alden

While we stayed on the island of Lammetu on west coast of Norway, we had various chances to view another island, Alden, which is off in the sea just a few kilometers west of the mouth of Dalsfjorden. Alden is small and is comprised of its 460m tall mountain, Norskehesten, which has made it a notable landmark for fisherman who have sailed the area over the generations. I took a few pics of Alden during our weeklong stay and here are a few of those images.

On the first day or two of our stay, we were only offered a glimpse of the base of the mountain on Alden, as there was a low-lying cloud blanket masking the upper portion of the island

On one of our ferry trips, we had an unobscured view of Alden under a cloudy, grey sky

Another evening, we saw the clouds embracing Alden once again, late in the evening

In the afternoon, again viewed from a ferry we took, the light was soft from lots of mist and fog over the area

On an evening I posted previously about, with an amazing sunset, the late night summer sun was so intense that Alden was ablaze with purples and oranges

The final and clearest look at Alden was taken when we took the ferry over to Værlandet one day when the clouds were higher in the sky than most of the other days on our stay

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