Summer Travels – Friluftsled Kleven in Smögen, Sweden

We took a last weeklong summer trip in August to the southwest coast of Sweden and stayed just north of the Smögen/Kungshamn area. We did a few hikes while there and the first one we did was in the Friluftsled Kleven area just south of the village of Smögen. Here are a few snaps of the rocky coastline one finds in this area of Sweden.

On this vacation, we finally had reasonable weather, and this day’s hike was sunny with some puffy white clouds

The rocky slabs we hiked along were a variety of shades of tan/buff/pink

A pause to look at a few small cairns some people had left behind as we headed towards the coast

Pointing out something or another from atop a higher bit of rock

Most of the trail was a bit of paint on the rock or a wooden stake but occasionally there were wooden structures to help one along

Forget those couple of cairns in that earlier photo, we encountered a veritable forest of cairns

From the vertical rock face here, it is more clear why there is a marked pathway (and some helpful staircases) in the area

Ahhhh, the sea. It was a sunny day but also a very windy day and the sailboats had plenty of “fuel”

A duo of cairns (with a blurred, tiny-looking version of Hållö fyr way off in the distance) looking at the sea

We ended the hike coming back into Smögenbryggan, where you can see some boats, red rorbu as well as a few white, wooden houses

Of course, this is the iconic bit of Smögen: the multi-colored rorbu all in a row…

…with a closer look at a few of those rorbu

5 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Friluftsled Kleven in Smögen, Sweden

  1. That looks like a wonderful place for a summer holiday. I’ve seen little bath houses like those but I didn’t know they were called rorbus. The tradition of using bright colors is one of the wonderful things about Sweden.
    All the photos are nice but the one looking up of rocks with flowers growing in the cracks caught my eye – that could be the American desert southwest! 🙂

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    1. The flowers were amazing. I agree about being reminded of the desert SW. I actually grew up in Arizona so when we head over to the coast from Oslo, where I live now, I always sort of feel like something inside is complete when out on the smooth rock.

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  2. I loved my visit to Smögen. This area is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is like a moonscape. Spectacular in its barrenness. The buildings at Smögenbryggen are so deftly constructed hugging the rocks – marvellous aren’t they?

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    1. Yes! We love the SW Swedish coast and, other than in 20 & 21 due to Covid restrictions, we like to take our last summer trip somewhere there, exploring a slightly different area each time. Thank you for your thoughts!


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