Summer Travels – A Visit to Hunnebostrand

During the week in southwest Sweden, while staying near Smögen, we popped over to the village Hunnebostrand. While there, we crossed a footbridge to get to a small island called St Görans Ö to explore via its walking trails. Here are a few images from that brief excursion.

From the south side of the island, one can see the edge of the Hunnebostrand harbor and a handful of red rorbu

After walking around to the west side we found a few piers and had a view of a sailboat and some cloud formations

Looking over to some rocks, joined together by a wooden footbridge

Coming around again to the north side of the island, someone has a nice location for a small cabin

Crossing over the top of the island, there were lots of wildflowers growing wherever they could on the rock

About to head back over to the mainland of Hunnebostrand with its white houses nestled up on the hill

8 thoughts on “Summer Travels – A Visit to Hunnebostrand

  1. Oh, those rocks and wildflowers! I love that kind of landscape. I would go crazy with the flowers. There’s something about flowers that grow among rocks, in harsh environments, that really appeals to me. Great photos!

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