Summer Travels – A Hike in Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve

During the week in southwest Sweden, while staying near Smögen, we went for a half-day’s hike in Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve in Sotenäs. Apparently known, fittingly, as Kingdom of the Rocks, we quite enjoyed hiking along all of the different varieties of rock. While much of the trail is near the sea, the latter part of our hike included some forest areas, but I captured none of that portion of the day as the skies opened up and rained and rained and rained upon us and I lost my motivation to snap pics at that point. Here are some images from the earlier portion of our hike.

A view along a paved road taking us from a parking area down towards the nature reserve and the hiking trails

Looking to the sea from the top of a rise of rock

At the top of this seam in the rock you might make out a backlit figure, my better half, scouting ahead with the dog

Some rounded rocks litter the smooth rock slab along this part of the coast

Standing near the sea

Some purple flowers found a crevice to grow in

Smooth rock interrupted by cracks and crags

There were areas of large rock structures – these resembled stairs – so it was good there were marked paths to lead us on the flatter surfaces

We started seeing more and more purple flowers in pinker-hued rock

Areas with standing water allowed ferns and grasses to grow

Grass, water, rock

Undulating rock and flower along the sea

Our “trail guide” waiting for the dawdles by the trail marker

So much growing here!

Our lunch, which we ate here, was interrupted by a cloudburst and this was one of the last pics I took on the hike

9 thoughts on “Summer Travels – A Hike in Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve

  1. It really is so very special. I can’t stop looking at your photos of this area. It is so very different from anywhere else I have been and I enjoy the jogging of my memory. Thanks.


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