Summer Travels – Views from Kungshamn

During the week in southwest Sweden, while staying near Smögen, we popped into the sister town of Kungshamn. We walked along the boardwalk in the town and also visited a swimming beach at the eastern end of the peninsula. Here are just a few random shots from the area.

Walking along the brygge in Kungshamn

A cute way to advertise a business

Some rorbu at the other brygge on the eastern end

A floating, wooden bridge from the Fisketångens bathing site over to a rocky island

A group of red rorbu catching late light

Someone enjoying the sea view

Crossing over that floating bridge

3 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Views from Kungshamn

  1. I am so enjoying this little tour of Bohuslan. It re-lives my memories of 2016. I was fascinated by the rocky landscape of Kungshamn when I visited. Sort of a mix of a lunar moonscape and Camilla Lackberg novel. I may find some of my photos and make a reciprocal post inspired by your series.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that my posts are bringing back good memories to you. I have one more group of images from the area that I will post this week and I hope you will enjoy those too. I am definitely interested to see any post you make from your time in that area. The southwest Swedish coast is special and we find ourselves returning there for new explorations most summers.


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