Summer Travels – Hiking Around Friluftsled Hästen

Happy New Year! I am finally posting the last images from our summer travels. During our final trip, in which we spent a week in southwest Sweden, our last wandering hike was over the rocky cliffs just west of Smögen in Hästens Friluftsled (an area of marked trails). The day was breezy and sunny with some puffy clouds floating by and it was a nice way to end our week.

The trails were marked with wooden stakes and, occasionally, with a helpful bridge over gaps in the rock

The slabs of rock towered above the water

The rock color and shape varied and here there is almost a little “cave” in the rock

Top of the rock

A striped varden (signal tower) among the little islets of rock

A low-lying area collected enough rain to create a little oasis

A bench with a view and colorful flowers

Another bench with a view, this time around another varden

More handy bridges over the crevices in the rock

A far-off little lighthouse and a near rock with stripes and structure that I really loved

Which meant multiple pics, including one with one of our group seated on the edge

After navigating almost full-circle, we found a place to eat lunch and watched a boat of people being taught how to ride one of these crazy-looking “foilboards” (you can see part of the village of Smögen up on the rock behind the water)

7 thoughts on “Summer Travels – Hiking Around Friluftsled Hästen

  1. It is amazing to see the little rorbu agains a desolate landscape. LIke they are out of place, yet so welcome amidst the barren-ness. I love that someone has put a park bench/garden seat on such a beautiful vista out to the sea. If I lived within walking distance, that is where I would be on a late summer afternoon! Fantastic shots again, Kewtie!

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