Fall Break – Urban Copenhagen

During the first week of October, we traveled to Denmark to stay in a village about 30 miles north of Copenhagen over fall break. We spent a couple of the days going into the city to walk around, starting our jaunt, in one case, in an urban park known as Superkilen and meandering down to Rosenborg Slot. Here are some images from from that particular day in Copenhagen, with a few from the other day sprinkled in.

The “park” was not a typical “green area” as seen here in the Black Square portion of Superkilen park

A towering cloud over a tagged, brick building in a random neighborhood on Nanasgade

Being October, we did catch some colorful fall leaves like these vines climbing a building near Superkilen

We walked on a thoughourfare, lined by tall rows of poplar trees, in Assistens Kirkegård

A large tree in front of colorful apartment blocks in the Nørrebro neighborhood

This church-turned-into-a-concert-house reminded me of the church in Reykjavik until I found out this structure was actually built before Hallgrimskirkja

In the middle of a quiet neighborhood, we came upon a colorful and cool climbing wall

Of course, when in Copenhagen, one spots bicycles. This bike sort of “matched” the portion of a the tagging on a run-down corner of a busy street

This bike, randomly parked in Frederiksberg Centret, had a fun, animalistic paint job

This bike was outfitted like a shaggy longhorn

This bike, on a bridge near Christiansborg Palace, looks worse for wear

Colorful buildings and cobblestones in Christianshavn

Buildings fronting the water of Peblinge Sø

The cylindrical Tycho Brahe Planetarium next to Sankt Jørgens Sø

Red boats surround and obscure a message on the waterfront: Produktive medlemmer af samfundet near Christianshavn

A tourist boat motors in front of the modern Skuespilhuset

Ukrainian flags were raised around the spire of the Børsen (and were actually seen flying in many places around the city)

View of Rosenborg Castle

Looking at Rosenborg Castle from the manicured gardens

Last look at Rosenborg Castle, this time with the addition of a sassy lion

2 thoughts on “Fall Break – Urban Copenhagen

  1. What a wonderful set of photos. I love the way that you feature bright colors of the objects and buildings in so many of your images–even the graffiti seems pretty. I particularly enjoyed your shots of the quirky bicycles that you encountered–the one with the longhorns is really cool. It is obvious too that you pay a lot of attention to the framing and composition of your photos, using vertical shots effectively to highlight features like the poplar trees and the towers of a castle.


  2. First Bohuslan and now Copenhagen! At least I get to see these cities and places that are so dear to my heart through your pictures. It has ben 6 years since I have been there – 5 years too long! Did you go inside Rosenborg? I found it utterly fascinating.


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