Fall Break – Views of Copenhagen from a Church Tower

During that week in October when we stayed in Denmark, we decided to climb the tower and spire of the Church of Our Savior in Copenhagen for a view of the city. The baroque church has an external staircase that spirals up the outside of the spire – which reaches 90m above the ground. We had never ventured up on prior visits to Copenhagen, and the day was misty and grey, but the climb was still worth the view.

A first view of the spire of Church of Our Saviour rising over some neighboring buildings. You can see someone on the spiral staircase, which winds up 4 turns from the lower viewing platform.

Looking up from outside the church, you can see the red and yellow tiles of the church building and tower, and appreciate how tall the wooden spire winds up above the ground

Once inside, you climb up three stories of an old, wooden staircase to get to the tower (which contain the bells and the clock and other strange items) where you switch over to climbing up very steep, ladder-like stairs to reach the bottom of the spire

In the tower itself, in these metal cage-like areas, there were various items “lit up” and on display – including a green-lit bell …

…some sort of bird statue, which was “artistically” filled with porcelain cups and saucers…

…and cherubs lying around some ladders and pipes that were lit with pink and blue hues

There were a few windows in the tower where we got a preview of elevated city views

When we finally got out of the tower and onto the outside viewing platoform at the base of the spire, we began to look around

Between the yellow apartment blocks and the smaller, colorful houses is one of the famous canals but we aren’t yet high enough to properly see it

We can see towards the Copen Hill power station and Øresund beyond

And we can see towards Christianshavn and see the tower of Christian’s Church

To get to the viewing deck at the bottom of the spire we had to climb 250 steps and now we began to climb the last 150 steps that spiral around outside the spire

I held on tightly to my camera to get a shot up over one of the lower turns of the outer staircase (there are 4 turns of the spiral which get narrower at the top) to capture how far above the church grounds we were

There were a few “love locks” on an area of the gilded railing

We got high enough to view the canals and the Skuespilhuset

We could see Slotsholmen, including views of Børsen, Christiansborg Slot, and other towers and spires

From the narrowest bit of stairs at the top, I attempted to capture the very top of the spire but the clouds and perspective hindered my attempt

After some fresh air and perspective from on high, it was time to descend the stairs once again

It was fun to look up at the spire again from ground level and remember that we were way up there at the top of that winding staircase just below the gilded ball at the top

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