Fall Break – Views at Stevns Klint

While staying a week in Denmark in early October, we decided to drive to Stevns Klint (about a hour’s drive south of Copenhagen) to view the chalk and limestone cliffs. On a previous visit to Denmark, we had visited the cliffs of Møns Klint (on the island of Møn, which is south of Sjælland), so we decided we wanted to add a visit to Stevns Klint as well.

We looked north from the top of the cliff where there is an old church (falling into the sea, that I will post about in the future) to see the cliff curving along the sea

This old building was near the church and I had to add it here as a ode to the thatched roofs and wattle-and-daub construction of times past

We descended a very steep staircase to the beach below for a similar view from a vantage point closer to the water

Although we had to clamber over very large, sharp boulders at the bottom of the stairs, we ended up on a beach filled with these rounded, grey-black stones

Looking back towards where we came from, you can see the church with large rocks below it (the stairs are just past the church and hard to see in this image)

A shot of the cliff itself. It was hard to know for sure but there is a layer (I think it includes the ridge in the middle that has black protuberances) called the fish layer that not only separates the chalk from the limestone but also contains iridium, which scientist use to argue that the mass extinction that occurred long ago was due to an asteroid impact (in the Gulf of Mexico)

Looking to the top of the cliffs you can see more layers

A last look down the rocky beach at the cliffs and sea

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