Fall Break – Birds at Nordsjællands Fuglepark

While staying a week in Denmark in early October, we returned to a bird park located west of Helsingør that we had enjoyed visiting once before. Here are a few images from the bird show, presented by the same guy as the last time we found ourselves at the North Zealand Bird Park. The discussion was in Danish and, although I can read Danish text somewhat (it is very similar to Norwegian in the written form), I understood very little that was being said, so I will attempt to cite the bird varieties shown here from my google searching after the fact.

Two macaws were presented and talked about and were left to their own devices, flying about the area and cruising over our heads and calling out (loudly!)
I believe this is a military macaw, so named due to its green plumage

The military macaw is joined by the blue-throated macaw, both receiving treats from the other park employee that was at the presentation

Here is a pair of grey and pink galahs — also known as the pink and grey cockatoo or rose-breasted cockatoo

We also met a conure who was very cheeky

A fun cockatoo also came out to visit

Five sun conures kept the host busy during this part of the presentation

A pair of red-and-green macaws get shown off to our group, while the other macaws hang out on a tree branch between bouts of flying (and calling)

The other park employee walked around with the different birds during the presentation so we could have a chance to view them up close

This duo goes for a spin

6 thoughts on “Fall Break – Birds at Nordsjællands Fuglepark

  1. Macaws are really amazing birds. The others are colourful too. The Galah is a cheeky bird we keep as pets and very common in native Australia. We had two flags and one sulfur crested cockatoo. We taught the Galah to talk. He was such a character and we loved him dearly. Such intelligent creatures.

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    1. I love those colorful birds. I can’t imagine having them living around me as native creatures. I grew up keeping budgies – fun birds with big personalities and with a lower volume than most of the other parrots/parakeets/etc. Thanks for your comment – I love when I find out someone has has close contact with these types of birds.


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