Abstract Images – Man-Made & Bits of Nature

It’s time again — to output images collecting in the ol’ “abstract” folder. Many of these shots are of built structures, but a few are of scenes found in nature.

Windows and cladding on a modern building in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood of Oslo

The ombré effect of the newly refreshed cladding on the Terminalbygg structure in Oslo’s Aker Brygge neighborhood

Grass floating in standing water in the Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve in Sweden

The outside of an industrial building in the town of Notodden in Norway

I was playing with colored gels on a flash duo I had recently acquired and shot down on a black stool from IKEA

Cladding on the exterior of the Danish Aquarium (known previously as Den Blå Planet) in northern Copenhagen

A fairly ugly brick apartment house in Oslo whose colors against the blue sky and graphic detail caught my attention (I like the Pride flag near the top)

Shadow play (ie: self-portrait) against the rock along the water in the Swedish town of Kungshamn

Water flowing over rocks in our little neighborhood river Ljanselva

Curves and shadow (and lots of windows) in a building in the Vika neighborhood of Oslo

Just bricks on the imposing wall and structures surrounding Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen

A duo of tree trunks, carved into a sculpture along the river in Notodden, Norway

Ice, ice, baby

Rusty links of chain on asphalt (somewhere in Norway, but could be anywhere)

Varying shades of green balcony railings on an apartment house in Copenhagen

Railings with water droplets around the outer walkways of the Astrup Fearnley Museum along the Oslo fjord

A tire-bumper along a pier with (yucky but grudgingly pretty) motor oil staining the water’s surface in Kungshamn, Sweden

The eye of the beholder (and hairy brow)

Cladding along the waterfront in part of Copenhagen

A trellis traps thorny growth outside a house in Copenhagen

Illegible (to me) message shining onto a paved walkway along the Oslo fjord

Ice-clad bare branches in our Ljan neighborhood of Oslo

A bit of the wavy cladding on the Axel Towers in Copenhagen

Fun rusty bannister design and practical yellow risers on some outdoor stairs near Middelalderparken in central Oslo

Munch Museum cladding turned on its ear

Blue panel (with screw) outside a restaurant along Rådhusbrygge in Oslo

External graphic wall and stripey stairs leading into an apartment building in Gamle Oslo

A row of cute monkey puzzle trees in Copenhagen

Structures outside the Felix Konferenssenter in the Aker Brygge neighborhood of Oslo

Red cladding on Sofienberg Skole in Oslo

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