Out and About – Art and Sculpture

Here is a collection of art, mostly sculpture, seen mostly out and about. There are a couple of pieces from a recent visit to the new National Museum in Oslo, but the majority of the following are pieces found from walking about outside.

This wooden relief by Edith Lundebekke is titled Infinite and was in the National Museum in Oslo

This sculpture of a head looking over Oslo — Chloe by Jaume Plensa — messes with one’s vision (it appears somewhat blurred depending upon how it is looked at)

Spalt, by Fran’s West, sits in the Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park along the fjord in Oslo

King Carl Johan, riding into the clouds, sits in front of the royal castle in Oslo and was made by Brynjulf Bergslien

This sculpture in Ekebergparken twirls and spins and is called The Dance (by George Cutts)

Also inside the National Museum in Oslo is The Discus Thrower, a copy of a Roman piece by an unknown artist

A statue of the Norwegian author Camilla Collett by Gustav Vigeland stands in Oslo’s Slottsparken

This bright “interactive sculpture” in Oslo’s new Bjørvika neighborhood also a bench, by Jeppe Hein

Sculptures by Gustav Vigeland hold up a foundation in his park in Oslo. This perspective is looking from the raised area where the famous Monolith is towards the main park entrance, very late on a summer evening.

In Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, we find St George attempting to slay that Dragon in a sculpture by Otto Meyer

A piece along the sea at the Udden Skulpturpark in Hunnebostrand, Sweden

This facade by artist Arne E Holm on a building in the Frogner neighborhood of Oslo caught my attention (and reminded me of Picasso)

A woman waits near the bus stop in the Frogner neighborhood of Oslo

In the middle of the Norwegian mountains (near Åselvi), across the road from a waterfall, we found this random wooden sculpture of a hand

A statue of Gustavo Erici stands in front of the House of Nobility in Stockholm

Through the window of a school in Oslo, I saw the face of a large, shiny steel sculpture called “Meg og alt det der ute” by Erik Pirolt

Here is Dronning Maud, surrounded by flowers, at the entrance to Dronningparken near the royal castle in Oslo

A cast-iron sculpture, Draw, by Antony Gormley outside the fancy hotel The Theif (Obama stayed here when he came to accept the Nobel Peace Prize apparently) in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood of Oslo

An art installation outside Galleri F15 in Moss, Norway, involves a wooden viewing port (spyglass?) in which to view a newly planted Oak tree in the distance

“Kystkvinner”: statues representing two women who saved a group of shipwrecked sailors in Værlandet on the west coast of Norway back in 1885 on the islet Tranøy in Bulandet.

“She Lies” a sculpture by Monica Bonvicini, representing an iceberg in the Oslo fjord near the Opera House

A statue of Norwegian mathematician Nils Henrik Abel by Gustav Vigeland in a secluded part of the Slottsparken in Oslo

A sculpture of swans in a fountain outside the Rådhuset in Oslo

A bronze sculpture of Tiberen in Copenhagen which is apparently a copy of an ancient Roman sculpture that is now in a museum in Paris

Decorative gates around the Monolith at Vigelands Parken in Oslo

Another art piece at the park along the sea in Hunnebostrand in Sweden, this one titled I’ll Be Your Father Figure by Mattias Norström

This statue, Tors Fiske, was in a square in Södermalm in Stockholm, by Anders Henrik Wissler

The Monolith, surrounded by groupings of figures on the steps, at the Vigelandsparken in Oslo past midnight on a summer night

A mural, The Wolves’ Den, in Oslo

A statue of Queen Caroline Amalie in the Rose garden of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen

A bust of Norwegian author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (what a name!) by Gustav Vigeland in the National Museum in Oslo

A random sculpture hanging from the ceiling in a quiet corner of Oslo’s central train station

Hey, here is Karl Johan again — but now in Stockholm! — by sculptor Bengt Erlend Fogelberg (Karl Johan was king of both Sweden and Norway back in the day so he is famous in both places)

Outside the Galleri F 15 in Moss, Norway, hang flags with some thoughtful messages

Also in the Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park are a pair of orbs called “Eyes” (yes, I believe I know what you are thinking and I quite agree) by Louise Bourgeois. This is late on a summer night as I wait for a supermoon to rise between the Eyes….

This sculpture is titled Hodet, by Marianne Heske, and is in a park in Oslo

This is an arrangement of 400 reindeer skulls, Pile oSapmi, by Samisk artist Maret Anne Sara, that was made as a response to the Norwegian government’s forcible culling of reindeer belonging to Samisk herders (including her brother)

5 thoughts on “Out and About – Art and Sculpture

  1. Amazing collection of pics you have collected. Some of them familiar to me. I particularly enjoyed Vigeland and seeing those sculptures one Snowy New year. The iceberg I have not seen though and how fantastic is it. The detail in forming these statues is incredible to behold. The reindeer skulls, are they arranged just as in your photo, on a wall?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Yes, the skulls hang down like a curtain. At the moment it’s in the new National Museum but apparently it earlier was hanging outside in front of the Norwegian parliament in protest. I think they do well as a welcoming piece inside the cavernous museum.


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