Out and About – Street Photography

Here are a number of images of people out and about doing the mundane or the unusual that caught my interest. This “street photography” isn’t intended to be artistic, rather I hope each capture tells some sort of story. Most images include people but a few are just a strange or interesting (to me) tableaux that presented itself.

The metallic coat on the woman walking with a backpack-carrying partner by the Opera in Oslo caught my attention

Cafe culture at one of the Kaffebrenneriet locales in Oslo

Some work high above the streets of Copenhagen

Summer fun from the highest platform at the outdoor swimming area in Oslo called Ingierstrand

Someone swimming by Sørengakaia in Oslo out of season

I found this window-dressing in the little town of Rjukan strangely out-of-date and out-of-touch but compelling nonetheless

The Norwegians love their sunbathing and this resident enjoys the feel of the sun in the fall while in her enclosed (protection from the birds?) balcony

Reading-while-walking by a mural in a Copenhagen park

In the small mountain town of Lom, a strange collection of tumble-downed animals were seen in a random yard along the river

Summer upkeep in the seafront Swedish town of Hunnebostrand

A group of people aboard the Boy Leslie heading into port in the Norwegian town of Tvedestrand

Viewing movie posters outside the Blueshuset in the Norwegian town of Notodden

On a winter evening, we came across this random display of…a hoodie?…in a snowy field in the Tøyen neighborhood of Oslo

A man chops into the icy water at our local beach, Hvervenbukta, on a foggy late morning in Oslo

A bright boiler suit-clad man on a snowy train platform at Oslo Sentralstasjonen

Dipping a toe into an outdoor shower after a swim at Bekkelagsbadet in Oslo

Fishing for dinner from the end of a pier over the OsloFjord at Sandbukta strand

Night doings in central Oslo

Working along the water in Copenhagen

Two soldiers patrolling the bird life outside Rosenborg Slott in Copenhagen

A youngster taking a closer look at some silly performers at a Christmas market in Oslo

A partial message in the snow in Oslo: How Does It….Feel

Folk enjoying a fire on a cold day at the Oslo Christmas Market

Viewing the icy fjord at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

A young girl looking skeptically down a slide at a park in Copenhagen

Setting up for some photo magic along the Oslo fjord near the Opera

Testing the ice at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

Standing next to….in….a parasol outside a pub in Oslo

An sad sight that appeared to be an homage to someone’s loved four-legged family member along a street in urban Oslo

Locked-and-loaded navy personnel boarding and protecting the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier in November ‘22 when it was docked in Oslo for a couple of days

Someone inhaling a ciggy outside a building in Copenhagen whilst scrolling

A patient four-legged friend getting groomed in Oslo

Up a skating ramp at a park in Copenhagen: Be Free

Another patient four-legged friend, peering into a small kiosk in central Oslo

An important declaration (that I wanted to include here to mark the one-year anniversary of the full-on assault against Ukraine) along the Oslo fjord

Ice bathers at Hvervenbukta strand (no for chopping on this day)

Someone cycling along Middelalderparken in central Oslo

More workers up high in Copenhagen

A duo with their coffee at an outdoor Riccos kiosk in Copenhagen

Skater guy on Dronningensgade in Copenhagen

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