Out and About – Animals

Here is a collection of animals captured over the last few months (from cows to dogs to leopards and more).

Ultra-close look at a bull in Tvedestrand who, sadly for him, had a number of winged visitors bugging him (literally)

Something, maybe those weepy eyes that look lined in kohl, made my heart melt a little, looking at this bull also in a field in Tvedestrand

This spotted cow had a look that, to me, was all no-nonsense

A few male sheep (rams) on one of the small islands in Bulandet

What a silly expression on this ewes face in a field after a hike in Sweden’s Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve

A pair of very sweet goats at Nordsjllands Fuglepark in Denmark

A very cool octopus in a tank at the Danish Aquarium in Denmark

Just a city cat, curled up on someone’s window ledge in Oslo

A smiling dog on a rainy day in the village of Lom in Norway

This patient dog sat quietly by this old fire truck near the courtyard of a cafe that is in an old firehouse in Oslo

A bull at dusk in the fields of Jægersborg Dyrehave in Denmark

This bull (and a number of others on our walk) bellowed now and again to his harem in Jægersborg Dyrehave

A dhole that was way up a rocky cliff, standing on a tree trunk at the conservation zoo Nordens Ark in Sweden

A pallas cat gives a pointed look before entering its wooden den for a morning nap at Nordens Ark

We visited Nordens Ark on a crisp, cold but sunny day in February and many of the animals were enjoying a spot of sun, like this Persian Leopard

The Persian Leopard seemed to really enjoy that sunny spot, closing its eyes in , what I imagine was, bliss (or maybe just to shut out our small group far below this stone outcrop)

This Amur Leopard was enjoying a snack in shadow, with just its face in the warm sun

The Amur Leopard crunches down

And, finally, the Amur Leopard glances out towards our group before going back to breakfast

Not the best image but these two Lynx were waaaaaay up at the tippy top of a quite sheer rock face, enjoying the sun, and those tufts of hair on the tips of the ears are just too cool not to share

This Amur Tiger was also having a mid-morning snack

The Amur Tiger found a nice spot in the sun in which to enjoy the steak tartar

After some time, the Amur Tiger got up to mosey away elsewhere in the enclosure

I saw that face from afar and had to go and get a closer look at the Red Pandas (my fav of all the animals at Nordens Ark)

Boy were the Red Pandas pretty durn adorable!! This one noshed on this grass (somehow high up in a tree) the whole time that I stayed and fueled up on cute.

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