Out and About – Ice in the Garden

A few weeks ago, after some strangely warmer temperatures, fog rolled in overnight followed by a cold snap. This resulted in some fantastic ice structures on some of the bare bushes and trees around the house which I quickly tried to capture. I was lucky that I noticed the beautiful ice when I did because the sun came out and, not long later, the branches were dripping and the ice had vanished.

Lots of ice crystals on this bending branch with dried out flowering parts (?)

The ice just covered all of these little branches and rounded ends

This branch, which has a tiny bud on it, is wrapped in ice

Ice encircling these seed pod structures and continuing down the branch

To me, this appears like some sort of golden jewelry encrusted in gemstones

More icy seed pods

Ice details on another branch, this time looking in black and white

The thorns on this rose hip bush were all coated in ice, blunting their sharp ends

Last look at some pretty crystals growing from this dormant branch

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