Out and About – Boats…and More Boats

Here are a variety of boat images, collected over the past months, many from our summer trips. So many boats: disused boats, boats for family fun, for celebrations, for basic transport as well as for security and protection. Hope you like boats!

A cute, little wooden boat parked by a flower garden across from the Munch Museum in Oslo

A wooden canoe waiting for passengers moored at Sandøya in southeastern Norway

A boat filling up from the many days of rain we had when visiting Vanylven on the west coast of Norway

A rowboat, looking sad and unloved but ready for action, along a pier in Copenhagen

A lone boater heading for the bridge that connects the mainland to Smögen on the southwest Swedish coast

Some “crazy action” by these doods in a fast boat outside the small seaside town of Tvedestrand in Norway

Crowded waterways outside Tvedestrand as people use their boats to get to the store or town from their hytte

The whole family out for a ride (including the dog)

Making a splash

A boat among the small islets in southwest Sweden

A nice cruiser tows a dingy in southwest Sweden

Swedes in Sweden

Is this a “boat” per se? In any case, someone is getting around quickly!

More jet ski fun near a striped varden in southwest Sweden

This boat reminds me of those boats in Hong Kong – albeit a bit less colorful…

Sails down for this boat seen outside Tvedestrand

A closer look at Boy Leslie with its party passengers heading into Tvedestrand

Low winter light hits the Lady Mack moored in the Oslo fjord

An electric car ferry near Sogndal in the mountains of Norway (seen from the sister ferry we were traveling on)

There is that electric ferry again, seen on our return trip (they are very quiet and I love that we can have our electric car on an electric ferry to maintain a “green” journey)

Another, smaller, car ferry (also electric) that commutes from central Oslo to the tip of Nessoden, the peninsula that juts out into the Oslo fjord

A police boat in the Oslo fjord (it needs some spring cleaning)

A pair of rescue boats (with the Politi boat in the background) moored along the fjord gearing up for a day where divers were performing from super-high platforms jutting over the water from the Opera

Water dump and someone on their phone in a close-up shot of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier docked in Oslo

A wider view of the Queen Elizabeth in Oslo

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