Out and About – Urban Landscapes & Scenes

Here is a varied collection of images I am dubbing: Urban (for lack of a better commonality). Most were taken while walking around central Oslo, with a handfull from urban Copenhagen.

Of course saying that most images were snapped in either Oslo or Copenhagen, I start with an image from the central train station in the Swedish town of Göteborg

Working trains on a track at Oslo S (central station)

The flytoget (airport train) on a foggy, snowy day at Oslo S

A train-tractor asleep in a train tunnel at Oslo S

A different train tractor in use by workers in a different train tunnel at Oslo S

A yellow tractor in the gravel at the far end of Oslo S (with some “appropriate” graffiti on the near wall)

Hazy and strange light seen from our bicycles on the path following along some train tracks (the electric elements seen here) that parallel the E18 on the east side of Oslo

The tagged, pedestrian portion of Nordenga bru (which goes over the tracks at Oslo S), lit at night

Construction in the fjord at night in the ever-expanding Bjørvika neighborhood of Oslo

Hazy winter light shining on the fjord and part of the container port on the eastern side of central Oslo

A pair of tall, undecorated ventilation pipes rising from the Opera Tunnel (in which E18 delves below the fjord and then under the city) on a winter day

Something coming out of a trio of pipes near Søndre Aas Gård (a horse farm) in the suburbs of Oslo

A monochrome and closer look at the pipe-trio

An old bridge lookout-cum-cafe structure on a bridge in central Copenhagen

A monochrome look up at part of the Axel Towers complex in Copenhagen

Edges of the Munch museum in Oslo against a cloudy sky

A (likely true, sadly,) sign on the waterfront near the Munch museum in Oslo

A ladder leading into/out of the water along the Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo, with selective color employed

Graffiti on the grating lining a dis-used, partially dismantled, highway bridge near Middelalderparken in Oslo

Another section of graffiti….

…and another on the disused highway bridge

Graffiti on grating of the Nordenga pedestrian bridge in Oslo

Another day on the disused highway bridge and someone has left a (fairly clean, all things considered) sofa in the middle of winter

A mural in the red square portion of Superkilen Park in Copenhagen juxtaposed with the bright mural on an apartment block, proudly touting the Nørrebro neighborhood

Advertisement in Oslo

A colorful selection of wares outside a little store in central Oslo

A little store in Copenhagen just waiting for some customers to take a load off

Vines just starting to turn last fall on an apartment block in central Oslo

A fiery truck with a load of port-o-potties along the waterfront near the Munch museum in Oslo

A random sighting of a porcelain throne in the street in central Oslo on a cold winter night

Patterns and shadows in a park in central Oslo

Seen on the side of a building in Oslo

Seen high up on the side of a building in Copenhagen

Seen on the back side of the new National Museum in Oslo

Flaking paint seen on the back side of some apartment blocks in Oslo

A pipe and top hat-wearing worker on a sign near Akershus Festning in Oslo at night

Seen above a snow drift near an apartment block in Oslo in winter

The three old cranes of Filipstad across the water from the new apartment blocks in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood of Oslo

Some fresh pencils seen through a window into someone’s flat

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