By the Sea – Lighthouses

Here is a small collection of lighthouses I have had the pleasure of coming across over the last year or two. Most are from corners of Norway.

A small lighthouse adorns a rocky islet we saw from the car ferry going from Fedje to Sævrøy on the west coast of Norway

Old lighthouse tower from the barrier island of Jomfruland off the southeast coast of Norway

A tiny little, well-weathered lighthouse on Jomfruland. I am not sure it was functional in this position, what with all the trees…

A view of Homlungen Fyr from a ferry taking us to the island of Herføl in the collection of islands called Hvaler in southeast Norway

Kråkenes Fyr on the rocky shores of the island of Vågsøy in western Norway

Two lighthouses (one in the water and a larger lighthouse on the island in the distance) off the coast of Smögen in southwest Sweden

A funny little lighthouse, Strømtangen Fyr, built into the first floor of this house in Stabbestad in Norway

The taller, more modern lighthouse on the island of Jomfruland in Norway

The coolest lighthouse I have yet seen in Norway, Hellisøy Fyr, on the island of Fedje in western Norway

11 thoughts on “By the Sea – Lighthouses

    1. Thank you!! Growing up in Arizona with lack of a coastline, I really appreciate these practical and useful yet oftentimes quirky or beautiful structures, big or small. I’m thankful to live close to the sea and in a place with lots of coastline these last years. I appreciate your comment.


    1. There really is. I grew up in the desert southwest of the US so, for me, they are a rare and almost mystic icon. Thank you for your comment and complement.


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