Macro Shots – Creepy Crawlies

Here is a collection of some close-on shots of various crawling creatures (insects, larvae, spiders and such) that I have collected over time.

I found this velvety soldier beetle larvae and put it on some pink paper to photograph before returning it to the rock in the garden it was under

Wow, those mouth parts are impressive

A look at a shield bug in the garden (there were a ton of these at the end of last season)

This shield bug was captured on a feather from one of our ducks (the feather was not attached to said duck)

This little beetle (not sure what it is) was just covered in pollen or dust or…?

One of the many spiders that descended on a summer night (which never was fully dark) in front of the windows in a hytte we rented on the west coast of Norway last year

I came across this winter moth in the dewy grass in the yard back in October

A bumblebee enjoying a sunflower’s pollen-rich face

A green sawfly that we were taking out of the house, here on the glass we used to transport it

Happy whenever getting a ladybug visiting the garden

Another look, this time at the front of our red and black spotted friend

This teensy little (size of my pinky fingernail) jumping spider was on the black frame of a pic in the living room

I had to capture it with some “mood lighting” flash too before we took our friend outdoors

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