Colors in the Sky – Sunrises & Sunsets

Here are some colorful images of the night sky, most taken at or just after sunset, from around Norway and southwest Sweden on a few nights over the last year.

This was a sunset over the Oslo fjord (and Oslo in the distance on the right of the image) taken last August

This was taken at 2.30am in Tvedestrand last June, so basically an early summer sunrise

Lacy clouds on a windy night last August near Smögen, Sweden

A purple sky (and purple water in reflection) at 7.30pm in February, viewed from the sculpture park outside the Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo

Stripes of colors over some scrubby bushes in Lammetu on the west coast of Norway last July at around 11pm

Another view of the sunset near Smögen last August. Here the last bit of sun is slipping below the horizon.

Here is an intense 4pm sunset last December, seen from a second story window over some ugly rooftops in our neighborhood in Oslo

Another view of post-sunset light and clouds over the water at Lammetu on the western coast of Norway

Purple, purple, blue and orange – the sun was already below the horizon and the blue hour was almost over

Another look at that purple evening in Oslo back in February, here with Jupiter (upper left) and Venus (lower right) making an appearance together

More colors in Smögen

Subtle but pretty light on the clouds at Lammetu

Stripes of color over the lights of Oslo that night last August

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