Traveling Around – In the Abstract

Here is a collection of abstract images taken mostly around Oslo but also a few from recent travels through Sweden and Germany. Colors, textures, shadows and shapes feature.

Looking up at the clouds through a gazebo in Sans Souci in Potsdam, Germany

Something we all see frequently, a jet traveling high up in the blue yonder

Some bright orange cladding on a house in Schwerin, Germany

Lines from lights, railings and windows in the evening in Oslo

Blue walls with bind-covered windows and air ducts in Oslo

Shadows thrown onto the concrete of the Kaptensbron, over a canal in Malmö, Sweden

Tides throwing ice up over large rocks along the beach at Hvervenbukta in Oslo

Lit up modern cladding in the Bjørvika neighborhood of Oslo

Close on the “dirty bottom” of the white structures above Nordenga bru (a traffic and pedestrian bridge over the tracks at Oslo Sentral Stasjonen)

Lit up bare bushes in front of a set of air intake grills for a parking garage in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood of Oslo

Exhaust from the pipe of the car ferry we took from Rødby, Denmark to Puttgarden, Germany

Ice surrounding piling surrounding construction in the Oslo fjord

Texture of brick below flaking paint on a building in the Akershus Festning complex in Oslo

Decaying wood near Akershus Festning

Stones in a wall in one of the buildings at Akershus Festning

Seed heads on tall, dry grass waving in Schwerin, Germany

Metal spiral stairs outside an orange apartment complex in the suburbs of Berlin

I happened to quite like the words on this black awning on a white building on a quiet street in Berlin

The bare arbor in bright spring light in Schwerin, Germany kind of reminded me of a sinister spider web

Flaking paint and an askew pipe near Akershus Festning in Oslo

Letters on plastic covering a construction site in Berlin

Shadow play on a curved walkway at Schwerin Castle in Germany

Cladding on one of the buildings in the Barcode in Oslo

Light and shadow on a metallic building serving as a temporary “flerbrukshall” in the Tøyen neighborhood of Oslo

Lots of lines and textures found on the side of this building in Schwerin, Germany

A very tiny blue window in a very blue wall in Oslo

An angled, folded patio parasol tower in above outside the Parksalongen pub in Oslo

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