Urban Wandering – Street Photography

Here are some street scenes from the local Oslo area as well as from some recent travels round and about. Some are in color as seen while others I decided to process in black and white.

People enjoying the winter sun along the water in Oslo

Silhouettes on a tagged pedestrian bridge over the train tracks of Oslo’s central train station

An attempted boardslide, performed in front of a young, strolling onlooker in Oslo

Lone ice bather going in for a dip in Oslo

Remember when a “leader” said something about people in Finland “raking the forest”? Well, I had to think about that and laugh when I came across a man raking in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany.

Builder dealing with rebar near the Munch museum in Oslo

Packed in like sardines on a boat in Malmö, Sweden

A gardener near the Orangery Palace as spring approaches in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam

Other tourists checking out a “crying” statue in Malmö

A bicyclist walking their bike in Malmö

Patterns and colors in Malmö

Some sits near one of a line of windows in Schwerin, Germany

A woman, matching the gorgeous blooms, takes a pic of her super cute dog in Malmö

Someone with fun headgear waiting for the bus in Schwerin

Me snapping a pic of someone snapping a pic of the hedge garden at Schwerin Castle

A different person strolling by the same building later in the day in Schwerin

A barista nice enough to smile for the camera in Malmö

Dog walking at the Orangery Palace at Sanssouci Park

Drinking coffee outside the cafe on a windy and cold pre-spring morning in Potsdam

A backpacked duo wandering through the Botanical Garden outside Berlin

The “other” boat in Malmö paddles hard to catch up with the first

A worker stands around, waiting for the bucket of his digger to finished being sprayed off by some water geyser at a construction site in Oslo

A figure in the fog looks out from Akershus Festning in Oslo

Peering through the grating on the pedestrian part of the bridge over the tracks at Oslo’s train station

A pair of rare bicyclists *actually obeying a traffic light* on a foggy Sunday morning in a quiet part of Oslo

Someone taking a picture of their crew in front of a lovely tree on a windy day in Schwerin

A look in the other direction at more people enjoying the winter sun in Oslo

6 thoughts on “Urban Wandering – Street Photography

  1. Excellent photography! I like the silhouette of the figure in Akershus festning. That could make a striking cover photograph for a mystery novel! Do you sell any of your prints at online sites?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! (As for selling…ha….well, some of my images have been sold on Getty Images and the like but each for less than an American dollar so that doesn’t really count in my book.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I suppose it is a big pool and there are many fish. Have you tried Society 6? Another blogger used that. I have received some small payments from them for merchandising.

        Liked by 1 person

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