Out and About – Pretty Birds

Here is a collection of some pretty birds I had the good luck of viewing (and snapping) over the past few months. Happy spring!

A white-napped crane looking for namnam at the conservation zoo Nordens Ark in southwest Sweden

A heron checks out a flock of birds at Nordens Ark from a rooftop

A great grey owl at Nordens Ark

A sweet pair of crested partridges at the Nordsjællands Fuglepark in Denmark

A dompap (Eurasian bullfinch) in a tree on a cold weekend in the mountains above the Norwegian town of Rjukan

A heron just hanging out in Copenhagen on the path near Sankt Jørgens Sø

A pair of gullfink (goldfinch) disturb some snow as they snarf on some seeds along the Ljanselva in our neighborhood this past winter

Because they are so cute, here is a closer look at that duo as they pause their snacking

Four (and more, off camera) gullfink pose so nicely in the midst of their seed snacks

A cute little rødstrupe (European robin) puffing up on a rock near the fjord at Hvervenbukta strand in Oslo

The same little rødstrupe, now up on a railing….just before coming and landing on my sandwich as I was taking a bite with camera up at my eye (nope, didn’t get a shot off of that)!

We had heard about a flock of skjeggmeis (bearded reedling) over in the Fornebu neighborhood of Oslo and headed out to chance a view

There was the flock…..a bunch of skjeggmeis snarfing down seeds from these long, tall grasses

It was breezy too, and with the low winter light it was hard to get a good shot as they bobbed up and down on the swaying grass

I finally got a head-on look at the lovely “mustachios” (the markings, to me, much more resemble a mustache than a beard, in my humble opinion — and when I posted this image to my SM accounts, I got a comment suggesting the similarity between these birds and the actor Danny Trejo and I had to laugh at that)

The birds in the flock carried on with their seed-fest, caring not a whit that they were attracting a crowd

A few weeks back, my better half was running down the stairs to grab his binoculars before yelling at me to get my camera — as he had noticed a small flock of sidensvans (Bohemian waxwings) in a tree in the neighboring property

The light was pretty low and the flock didn’t hang around very long…

…but it was supercool to see these really cute birds that I hadn’t ever had the pleasure of seeing before (a friend suggested these birds looked like they were wearing superhero masks)

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